Support for over 50 years

For over 50 years, volunteers in the Fremont Symphony Guild have been supporting and promoting the Symphony through a variety of fund-raising activities - luncheons, recitals, fashion shows, Ducks for Bucks, raffles, eScrip, restaurant promotions and special projects like the Painted Violins. Guild members host the post concert receptions and assist with such activities as the Children's ConcertsYoung Artist Competition and Young Recitalist Competition.

The Guild hosts three luncheons annually: A fall Membership, a December Holiday and an Installation Luncheon in June. The luncheons are open to all Guild members and to anyone interested in supporting the Symphony.

Other fundraising items available through the Guild include the Fine Arts and Eats Card, eScrip Cards, Ducks for Bucks entries, cookbooks and tote bags. Most are made available at the concerts.

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