Fremont Symphony Side by Side concert with Fremont Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Fremont Symphony is proud to present the inaugural Side by Side concert with Fremont Youth Symphony Orchestra, featuring select professionals performing with our student musicians. Come and hear the fresh sounds of the Bay Area’s best musicians encouraging the virtuosos of tomorrow in Journey to the Symphony, May 18 at 3:30 PM. Maestro Jung-Ho Pak will share the podium with FYSO directors Judy Lam and Grace Lai at Forerunner Christian Church in Fremont.

Pak equates experiences like side by side concerts with life changing moments that redefine what it means to master a craft. “Playing next to a professional musician is like the difference between reading a recipe and making a dish with Julia Child.” This is the difference that Pak and Lam hope that audiences will come to hear each year as Fremont’s Symphony organization seeks to give students continual opportunities to play at professional levels.

Conductor Pak has recently increased his involvement with the Youth Orchestra, conducting master classes for the advanced and junior orchestra last fall. He’s excited about the direction he sees the organization headed in. “They’re growing, under Judy’s directorship, at lightning speed in number and quality. In just a couple of years, they will be on par with the finest youth orchestras in the Bay Area.”

We hope you’ll join us to appreciate and support tomorrow’s great musicians on May 18 at Forerunner Christian Church, 3:30 PM. Tickets are available.