Jung-Ho Pak
Artistic Advisor and Conductor

Paul Iannaccone, MBA
Executive Director
Email / Ph: 510-371-4860

Caryl Dockter, Director of Communications
Email / Ph: 510-793-6375

Lynne Siebert, Patron Services
Email / Ph: 510-371-4859

Sreevidya Subramanian, Bookkeeper
Email / Ph: 510-371-4860

Carole Klein, Orchestra Personnel Manager

Marcella Schantz, Orchestra Librarian

Board of Directors

Mark Green, President

Merna Morse, Vice President

Marie Smith, Treasurer

Caryl Dockter, Secretary

Carole Klein, Orchestra Representative

Dr. Charles Boyd

Steve Cho

Barbara Gorsuch

Gregory Green

Judy Lam

Shirley Sisk

Eva-Maria Tisdale

Lena Zee


Our Mission

The Fremont Symphony brings live classical music to the San Francisco Bay Area to enrich the quality of life in the communities it serves by:
•    Maintaining and promoting a professional, regional symphony of the highest possible artistic quality
•    Seeking to reach all parts of the diverse communities it serves through accessible and affordable programming, activity and outreach
•    Securing the future of concert music by providing imaginative and enriching musical experiences for children
•    Striving to increase both the numbers and the musical sophistication of the adult audience
•    Broadening the Fremont Symphony’s activities through creative partnerships with other educational and artistic institutions

Since 1964, the Fremont Symphony has brought live, classical music to the San Francisco Bay Area. Shaped by the nuanced artistry of the premier Guest Conductor Series, FS delights audiences and enriches the quality of life in the communities it serves

Fun can happen on the interior. Noboby knows about it, but there are fireworks going on inside your spirit when you hear a great orchestra playing great music.
— David Ogden Stiers


Our History

Over a half-century ago the Fremont Philharmonic was just a dream about to be born —the dream of musicians and music lovers to make their own music as an independent local organization. Eugene Stoia, the orchestra’s first Music Director, joined them in June 1964 to make plans which would quickly lead to the creation of the Philharmonic. The governing Society was formed. The very first rehearsal was set for September, and the first concert was planned for that winter at Mission San Jose High School. The musicians were not paid, because all that could be offered then was the opportunity to make music for the love of it. Yet play they did, with verve, skill, and the determination to mold a new sound in the community.

Following its modest beginnings, when musicians had to pay one dollar to join, the Philharmonic grew and matured impressively, both in quality and numbers. Music Director Eugene Stoia was succeeded by William Galbraith and Jason Klein. The Orchestra’s sound also improved as a few professional musicians were hired to fill strategic positions.

David Sloss was chosen as Music Director in 1980.  By 1983, all musicians were paid and the caliber of musicians gradually upgraded to a fully professional organization. In 1994 the Philharmonic adopted the name, “Fremont Symphony Orchestra,” performing exclusively at the Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Ohlone College for the next twenty seasons.

In 2012, Gregory Van Sudmeier succeeded David Sloss as Music Director and served through the end of 2014. In January 2015, the Fremont Symphony Orchestra announced the launch of its new Guest Conductor Series.

In 2014, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church was introduced as an alternate performance venue where they continued to perform until the end of the 2017-18 season.

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 Season the Symphony restructured once again to meet the needs of our patrons and also found a new venue to perform, the James Logan High School Performing Arts Center. Led by a new Executive Director Paul Iannoccone and a new Artistic Director Jung-Ho Pak, the Symphony launches into a new adventure!


Musicians of the Fremont Symphony

List of players is subject to change...

Leslie Chin, Principal
Marian Concus + Piccolo

Andrea Plesnarski, Principal
Tom Nugent
Peter Lemberg + English Horn

Diane Maltester, Principal
Renée Deeter

David Granger, Principal
Gail Selburn

Carole Klein, Principal
James Rodseth
Jonanthan Pankin

Alicia Telford, Principal

Craig McAmis, Principal
Donald Benham
Barbara Sigler

Forrest Byram, Principal

Kevin Neuhoff, Principal

Ward Spangler, Principal
Timothy Dent
Norman Peck

Wendy Tamis, Principal

Ellen Wasserman, Principal

Carole Klein

Marcella Schantz

Philip Santos, Principal
Matthew Oshida, Assistant Principal
Sergi Goldman-Hull
Marcella Schantz
Elizabeth Rivard
Candace Sanderson
Toshiya Nishi
Deborah Spangler
Lisa Pratt
Larisa Kopylovsky
Qin Wang
Elizabeth Chirgwin

Jessica Poll,  Principal
Helene Wickett
Frida Pukhachev
Theresa Frew-Onyett
Pam Anderson
Deborah Dare
Chris Chenoweth
Kim Bonnett

Katy Juneau, Principal
Rebecca Gemmer
Melissa Huang
Betsy London
Daria D'Andrea
David Cann
Kathleen Fasenfest
Cathy Blair

Daniel Reiter, Principal
Joshua Mikus-Mahoney
Jan Volkert
Anita Cooley
Peter Bedrossian

Michel Taddei, Principal
Marie Laskin
Patrick Klobas
Corey Chandler